Ending the First Semester!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone managed to survive exams (if you had them) and is ready for the holidays! My first semester ended in quite a rush of events, from a brief break at Thanksgiving to a jazz concert, recital, Lessons and Carols, and of course final exams.

Before the stress of exams set in, students packed into the chapel for my favorite performance of the year, Lessons and Carols. This year was the our 30th year performing the concert at Holy Cross, which was started at King’s College in the UK in 1918. It combines nine Bible readings and selections from the college choir, chamber singers, organists, and orchestra, always opening with “Once In Royal David’s City.” We had been rehearsing for the performance in conjunction with the choir for about a month, and we were all so excited to share our work and the Christmas spirit! The evening was extra festive as Kimball served its special holiday dinner the same evening, featuring roast beef, mashed potatoes, salads, hot chocolate, and much more!

The chapel was decorated beautifully for Lessons and Carols (Credit: my mom!)

In the weeks following Lessons and Carols, as classes ended, students became more engaged with studying and preparing for final exams and papers. While students spend most of their days in the libraries, studying away, the rest of the campus focuses on supporting the students in whatever way they can. Holy Cross Dining serves midnight breakfast, first in Kimball with Jesuits helping to serve food and later in Crossroads with many deans and other employees in student affairs. Libraries are open for 24 hours, and many on-campus groups bring in therapy dogs and sponsor other stress relieving activities. Even if it doesn’t seem like it will ever end, all students were out of the rush of exams by December 15 to enjoy a well-earned break!

As much as I love life at Holy Cross, I am looking forward to spending time at home to relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Check back in soon to hear about Dance Marathon (quickly approaching!), moving back in, and my new classes!

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