Pep Band, Enrollment, and John Mackey!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all home safe for Thanksgiving and ready to celebrate tomorrow! We finished classes yesterday and I came home last night for the first time since October break. But besides preparing for my favorite holiday, during the past two weeks I played in pep band for the first time, met John Mackey, and enrolled for next semester!

Last Saturday I played for Holy Cross Pep Band for the first time! We played for the men’s hockey team vs Air Force and it was really neat to play a new role at the games, since I go to most of them anyway. Pep band traditionally plays the National Anthem as well as every third whistle during the game, and it is a great opportunity to play more well-known songs (like “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana) than our Concert Band repertoire. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to the rest of the hockey and basketball games!

In other music news, this past Friday the one and only John Mackey came to campus as Concert Band’s guest clinician for the semester. We are playing one of his pieces, “Foundry” for our upcoming concert and it was really neat to meet with him and receive his input. For context, bands around the country, from middle schools to conservatories, play his music (even one group at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!) and he is widely known in the wind ensemble community. I played his music throughout high school, so it was really neat to see him in person!

Additionally, even though it feels like I just moved in, last Monday I enrolled for my second semester classes. I will be taking political science, history, music theory 2 (for the major) and I will continue with my Montserrat. For whatever reason–probably to make you question taking 8AMs–enrollment takes place at 7 AM on a Monday, so inter-house council provided a lovely post-enrollment breakfast for first-year students.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check back in for some post-Thanksgiving updates as I brave the two weeks of class heading into finals. Happy Thanksgiving!

Family Weekend, Boston, and Samantha Power!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in and talk about my (surprisingly exciting) last two weeks, including Family Weekend, my trip to see a Bruins game, and Samantha Power!


The weekend before Halloween was Family Weekend here at Holy Cross. Friday night was Casino Night, sponsored by Purple Key Society, a fun Halloween event for families and students. There was games, fun prizes, and live music–featuring a student band, SCONE–overall a great start to the weekend!

Click to see a short video of SCONE performing at Casino Night!

On Saturday, my parents, two sisters, and my aunt came up to visit from my hometown in Cohasset. We went to my orchestra concert, in which I survived playing bass clarinet for the first time, and then caught the end of the football game to see Holy Cross beat Georgetown 24-10. Then we all went out to dinner at Sole Proprietor, a really nice “parents-taking-you-to-dinner” restaurant in Worcester. Overall it was really fun and both my family and I enjoyed it.


Last weekend I went into Boston for the first time from campus with my roommate Elena and our friend Emma. Elena is a HUGE Caps fan, so we went to see the Caps play the Bruins as a late birthday present. We rode the (free!) Holy Cross shuttle to Boston, which is offered every weekend, and took the commuter rail to Union Station on the way back. None of us had been to Boston from Worcester before, and we were all surprised at how easy it was! We had a great time exploring the city and at the game, even though some people gave Emma questionable looks for wearing a Flyers jersey.

Myself, Elena and Emma at the Bruins game!








Last Thursday was the annual Hanify-Howland Lecture, when the College, in conjunction with the Hanify and Howland families, bring a speaker devoted to public service to campus. This year, the speaker was Samantha Power, the ambassador to the United Nations during the Obama administration,  She is a strong advocate for human rights and was often the only person representing those interests in the Situation Room with Obama. Although the event was mandatory for my Montserrat, I would have gone anyway because her talk was so interesting and engaging!

Thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for more updates over Thanksgiving about my first pep band game, meeting John Mackey for concert band, and whatever other surprises I may find on the Hill!