Back on the Hill and Dance Marathon!

Hi everyone! Since my last post I have moved back into school, started new classes, and completed a Dance Marathon (I’m shocked too).

Last Monday I moved back into my dorm and on Tuesday I started classes for the new semester. Some people call the first week back “syllabus week” because they don’t think you’ll do any actual work (and just go over the syllabus in class), but at least in my experience that was not at all true! Although we spent time going over the syllabus, I was in the library every day making sure I stayed on track with various assignments. We do not waste any time here at Holy Cross!

My friends Julianna, Emma and I at Dance Marathon!

Additionally, this past Friday I participated in Holy Cross Dance Marathon (HCDM) to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF). Participants are sponsored and meet a fundraising goal (though most surpass it) and commit to staying up from 8PM to 8AM. You don’t have to dance the whole time, but you at least have to stay standing! Luckily, the steering committee scheduled a variety of activities, like performances from student bands and the dance ensemble, as well as vigils and talks about EGPAF and the important work they do. I was also visited by many supportive friends and my Montserrat professor (he is a Jesuit and lives on campus).

Needless to say, my feet are very sore but it was all for a great cause. Overall we raised just over $27,000 to bring treatment to babies born HIV-positive–great job dancers!

Check back in soon to hear about Spring Break Immersion’s Reveal Night, a visit to the Joyce Contemplative Center, and returning to SPUD and orchestra!


Visiting Philadelphia and Preparing for Next Semester

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good New Years celebration and you’re sticking to your resolutions (if you made any!). I’ve been relaxing and preparing for second semester (and managed a visit to Philadelphia)!

Last weekend I drove down to Philadelphia to visit my friend Emma from school. I had never been before, and Emma introduced us to some of Philadelphia’s best-known sights and food, although it was pretty cold. Here I am with my roommate Elena, who made the trip up from Baltimore, eating Philly cheesesteaks (which were really good!). Shoutout to Emma and her family for hosting us and not making fun of our hats!

I have also been preparing for second semester, buying books and checking syllabi (yes, some of them are available!). This semester I am taking Music Theory 2, Teddy Roosevelt’s America (a super cool history class) and Principles of American Government in the PoliSci department. I will also be taking my Montserrat, which is philosophy based–my professor (who is a Jesuit!) will stay the same.

Although Montserrat classes last a whole year, as opposed to just a semester, usually the focus switches at least a bit. For example, last semester in my class we talked about “Degradation and Demonization” in terms of genocide, and this semester we will talk about “Reconciliation and Remembrance” with regard to similar events. So although we will continue reading a couple books from last semester, the focus of our discussions will shift.

That’s all I have for now! Be sure to check back in two weeks when I am back on the Hill!