SBIP 2019: Pearisburg, Virginia

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your spring break (if you had one!). As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to spend my spring break in Pearisburg, VA as part of Holy Cross’ Spring Break Immersion Program (SBIP), an alternative spring break program for students to immerse themselves in a completely different community. I loved getting to know the people of Pearisburg as well as the students I traveled with, and I found out some exciting news while I was there!

Similar to my trip to Glasgow, VA last year, my time in Pearisburg was marked by a wonderful sense of community from both the residents from the town as well as the other Holy Cross students with whom I lived and worked.  Even though I knew none of the 8 other students who traveled to Pearisburg with me, aside from two informational meetings before our trip, we are now best of friends, bonds forged through living and working and reflecting together for a whole week. We are looking forward to many reunions together!

My group and I on a hike near our site! (Photo: Kara Cuzzone)

One of my favorite aspects of SBIP is that while we do complete some service work for the community, such as painting, yard work, and construction, the focus is immersion in a new and different culture and lifestyle. We were shocked by the generosity of the residents of Pearisburg and loved hearing about their different experiences and lifestyles living in rural Virginia.

My group and I painting the hallways of the local library (Photo: Federico Sorcini)

Also, while I was in Pearisburg, I was notified that I was accepted into the Washington, DC Semester Away Program for the Spring of 2020. I will be living and working in Washington DC, working full-time at and internship as well as taking a public policy seminar and writing a full thesis. I am very excited about this opportunity to live and work in DC especially during an election year!

Check back in soon to hear about my SPUD site and preparing for a Music and the Jesuits concert at the end of March!