Back on the Hill: Orientation, New Classes, and HC vs BC

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the end of your summers and are off to a great school year! Everyone’s back into the swing of things here at Holy Cross. Before school started, I worked as a Fall First-Year Orientation Leader, where I not only helped the first-years transition to college but made some of my best friends! Now, most students are already spending most of their time in the library (including me!) although many members of the community–including alumni, faculty, staff, students, and families–gathered in Chestnut Hill this past weekend to watch the Crusaders take on Boston College for the first time in since 1986!

First-Year Orientation

Me and my building team–including RAs and OLs–for Hanselman!

One of my favorite experiences at Holy Cross so far was working as a First-Year Orientation Leader in August. We moved in more than a week before the first-years to train, prep for orientation, and learn more about the resources available to not just first-years but all students. The four day orientation program, from move in day to the first day of class, allows first-years to adjust living away from home and to meet a new group of peers from their residence hall. We attend sessions from different groups on campus, play different games, and (hopefully) have some fun! Even though I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the program, I loved working with my first-years (shoutout O’Kane Orcas!) and getting to know a completely different group of people who are now some of my best friends.

First-Year Orientation Leaders dressed up for the Student Leadership Luncheon

Academics this Semester

As a declared History and Music double major and fellow in the Carroll Program for Political Science, all of my classes fall into one (or both!) of those categories. This semester I am taking Theory of Music 3, History of Western Music 1, Europe: 1890-1945, and Ethics of Capitalism, the political science seminar for the Carroll fellowship. So far, I’m enjoying all my classes–even though they keep me in the library most of the time.

HOLY CROSS vs that other school

My friends and I decked out in our HC gear!

In more fun news, this past weekend Holy Cross challenged BC in football for the first time since 1986! Holy Cross sold out the student section, and three (yes, THREE) packed fan buses helped students make the trek to Chestnut Hill. Although the outcome of the game was not in our favor, both sides played well and everyone had a great time!

My friend Anna and I enjoying the game!

That’s all I have for now! Check back in soon to hear about the 175th Anniversary celebration (this Friday!) and my first lecture for the Carroll Fellowship!

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